Catalan Christmas

Catalan Christmas Traditions.....

First I will describe the caganer - "the shitting sheppard" a fun Catalan addition to the typical Christmas creche figurine family. The traditional caganer is an old sheppard with a barretina (typical catalan red hat)( barretina) and espardenyes (canvas Shoes) sttopping on the way to visit the new Born Jesus and taking a dump. (Its a Natural thing)

You can find Caganers all over Catalunya Christmas Markets and there isn't a pessebre(manger) that doesn't have one Caganer.
The "caganer" symbolize the earth fertility, it means prosperity for the new year.

Caga Tio (shitting log)

Fifteen days before Christmas, caga tio makes his appearance in the dining room, where he must be fed at least once every day. He likes oranges, crackers and sweet wine. In some families, caga tio starts small, but grows as the days progress toward Christmas.
At some point, caga tio is moved out of the dining room, into the living room, and covered with a blanket to keep him warm. On Christmas Eve, before the traditional Christmas dinner, the kids are sent to their rooms to say three Our Fathers, which gives the elders enough time to stash presents under caga tio's blanket. After their prayers are done, the kids return to the living room and start beating the hell out of poor caga tio with big sticks. And they sing a song. One version goes Tio, tio, Caga Turro" "Shit, log, shit! If you don't shit well, we will whack you again!" Si no cagues tio un cop de basto" Another goes "Log, log, shit candy! If you don't shit for Christmas, we will whack you once more!"

After the children have gotten their fill of flogging the log, the blanket is removed to determine caga tio's state of digestion. Typically, a miracle has occurred, and the log has pooped wrapped gifts... and everyone is happy!!!Caga Tio

Bon Nadal Merry Christmas

Lots of Love BU